Win A Trip To Three Major Gaming Destinations With Full Tilt

By | September 8, 2018

Full Tilt is giving away their ‘Ultimate Player Journey’, in which Las Vegas, Macau and Monaco.

It is not rare for well-established casinos and poker sites offer generous bonuses and incentives for new and existing players. In most cases, you will see something in the vein of a few free of charge spins, or maybe an injection of bonus credit to play with. Nevertheless, it is not often you come across a sort of competition or bonus, which is really good and has your jaw on the floor.

However, there is a notable exception to the rule we arrived this week, that we thought you might be interested in.

Full Tilt poker is running a promotion, the winner will not only have a great city, but three of the best gaming destinations around the world. The prize for the “Ultimate Player Trip’ a 15-day adventure to Monaco, Macau and Las Vegas, with many smaller prizes also available.

How To Win

Before we explain the prizes, here is how you can win the Ultimate Trip for gamers. Login to your Full Tilt poker account and opt into the promotion using the ‘Challenges’ tab. All you need to do when you’ve chosen to play with real money in the casino or poker game. This gives you the opportunity to open weekly “boxes”, with nine serious prizes to be won.

You can win one breast per week during the promotion period which runs between August 20th to October 15th. So again, the good news is that you do not need to play any specific games in order to qualify for entry to the competition. Just as long as you’re getting involved and spending at least a kind of money, you could be in with a chance of winning this incredible prize.

Each chest contains a prize of some sort, which you receive as soon as you open it. So whether or not you win the grand prize, you’ll still walk away with something for your trouble.

The chests contain:

  • The Ultimate Player Trip vacation (1 in 20,000)
  • $ 1 Spin + Ga ticket (11,999 in 20,000)
  • $ 0.50 free spin casino slots (8,000 to 20,000)

Full Tilt will also be giving away a special extra prize. If you win just one breast during the promotional period, you will be automatically included in all-in shootout draw for a chance to win a three-night trip to las Vegas.


As for the prices, chances are that there is really only one you will have your eyes on. Many of the runner-up prizes no need further explanation and are not particularly exciting. The $ 1 Spin n’ Go ticket gives you access to the tournaments, while the $ 0.50 free spins can be used on slots. Further terms and conditions apply.

Still, a little something is still better than walk away with nothing!

Ultimate Player Journey

The grand prize is the Ultimate Player for Travel, which is also the most difficult to get your hands on. Nevertheless, lucky strike and you could be really looking for the adventure of your life. This is a 15-day trip for two, complete with flights from London or Dublin, 5* accommodation, hotel transfers, free meals, and 4,500 euros spending money.

in the course of 15 days, you’ll check out three of the most iconic gambling destinations in the world with a pocketful of cash:

  1. Monaco is known as a high-rollers paradise, complete with mega casinos and luxury yachts, and the French Riviera is as beautiful as it is.
  2. Macau is the gaming capital of the East, known as the “Vegas of China”. Enjoy baccarat, poker and much more well-known casino games. This is a vibrant city that attracts hundreds of thousands visitors per year.
  3. Las Vegas needs no introduction! This is the capital of casino gaming in the West. If you’ve ever wanted to go gambling on the Strip, now’s your chance.

One of the main advantages of the high roller VIP programs in casinos is the access to higher bonuses. In this case, you do not have to be a high-roller to be in with a shot at the top prize.

That is, quite simply, as great as it is! Here is how it works:

Around-the-world-flights to the three largest casino gaming destinations, like Japan, Monaco, and Las Vegas.

5* hotel accommodation, based on two people sharing a double or twin room for five nights in each location with breakfast.

Additional experiences to make the adventure even more amazing, a supercar driving experience in Monaco, a four-hour helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, and a 3-star Michelin dining experience in Macau.

Three-course dinner at top restaurants in Macau and Monaco.

4,500 euros spending money for the casinos, or whatever you like!

(If you don’t want the vacation, the trip can be redeemed for $ 25,000 in cash!)

Trip To las Vegas

After the promotion is completed, each participant who has earned at least one breast will be included in a special draw, for the chance to win a trip to Las Vegas – the gaming capital of the world. This exciting shootout will take place on 16 October.

The winner will receive a three-night trip to Las Vegas, including flights and transfers, 5* accommodation based on two sharing a room, breakfast each morning, and a zero-gravity experience with all products, photos and videos. This prize is non-transferable.

Full Tilt is running this promotion as of August 20th to October 15th. Opt-in and play with real money to play to win cases and earn prizes. The main prize is an experience of a lifetime! New players can also enjoy the largest welcome package that the site has ever given away, with £30 of value for a £10 deposit.

As is often said, you must win! Considering the fact that you don’t really have to do to take part, we would recommend heading over to Full Tilt now and check things for yourself.


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