Where Can You Play Online Casino Games While Traveling?

By | April 1, 2018

British casino gamers are pretty lucky…able to choose from a wide range of online casinos from all over the world. This is because the gambling industry is heavily regulated in the united kingdom. To offer games to players, casinos must comply with certain standards or regulations, which ensure that gamers are safe and their private data, and/or financial data in a secure way.

But, things are the same all over the world? The short answer is, no.

If you are thinking of travelling, on holiday or just curious of how things happen abroad, you may be wondering whether it is possible to play in online casinos in other parts of the world. Once you look into it you will find that the picture varies from one country to the other…big time.

Legal Situation

To begin with, you need to understand the legal situation in the country where you intend to play online casino games. The planet as a whole is divided into three different categories for this purpose.

First of all, there are countries, such as Spain and Italy, where the online gambling industry is legal and fully regulated. Then there are places such as South Korea and Russia, where the online casinos are prohibited. Finally, in countries like Canada, online betting is not illegal nor regulated.

This makes it important to know what you’re signing; a quick look at something like this Canadian casino review of Betway can be used by potential gamblers the information they need to make an informed choice.

In the U.S., the legal situation differs from one state to the other. It is currently only legal online gambling in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Nevada. Other states are reportedly considering bringing in laws to the same effect in the near future, so it is a problem that is worth keeping an eye on.

the Choice of The Casino ‘ s

So, once you understand if it is legal to play in the country, how do you decide where to do it? There are good, reliable casinos that are there? This is usually pretty easy to find out in countries where gambling is regulated, if you have a license casinos can work. In some cases, the number of authorized casinos is strictly limited.

If we look at the example of Canada again, the fact that the market is unregulated, it means that you have a huge selection of casinos to choose from. A casino that wants to let Canadian players can participate. However, this also means that you must be careful to only choose reputable sites.

for example, by checking an online casino review Leo Vegas from Canada we can see that they have been around since 2012 and has won a number of awards important facts for anyone on the lookout for a new online casino to use. By taking the time to make a few reviews you can be confident that you are going to play in a safe casino.

Limited Access

In most cases, it is actually quite difficult to access online casinos from areas where you are not legally allowed to do this. This is because when it comes to most of the leading online casinos on the market, their respective companies restrict access to their web sites and their gaming assets, respectively.

for example, living in an area where gambling is illegal does not mean that you can not hammer to say ‘888.com’ in your browser. Nevertheless, when the site is loaded…or not, as the case may be…you will find yourself presented with something of a warning. And not to forget, a brick wall to prevent you from accessing the website.

of course, it is entirely up to the service provider as to whether or not this kind of measures are implemented. Do business with a lesser online casino and the chances that you’ll be able to access from anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, this means opening yourself up to a world of trouble, if you get caught.

And considering how easy it is to detect and, indeed, the record of online activity these days, you’re perhaps more likely to be caught than you realize.

Some will tell you that getting around such restrictions with proxy services and Vpn’s is an option, that’s it. Nevertheless, the fact that you online gambling in a country where it is illegal to do this still implies that you stand to get in trouble, if and when your actions are detected.

Stay Up-to-Date

of course, the situation changes regularly, as some countries, the new laws from time to time. Poland and Singapore are a few of the countries that have recently changed their approach to online casinos. Obtain up-to-date information is therefore essential.

If you are only a quick search online, then you run the risk that old information that is no longer relevant. Rather than risk getting in trouble with the authorities, it makes sense to be completely sure about whether you can play legally and safely in that country.

Simple common Sense

If you were to look at every legal technicality, the whole subject of legal gambling from one country to the next becomes quickly complicated. To such a degree that you probably won’t understand, a large part of the information that you come across. But at the same time, just the detection of in a ‘black or white’ sense of gambling is allowed, or otherwise could not be easier.

Simply head to Google, type in the search “Is online gambling legal in…” and you’ll find all the information you need. If it’s pretty clear from a glance that online gambling is legal, go ahead. If it is what cloudy issue with no clear and direct answer, it is probably best not to disturb.

Long story short so let the common sense as a guide and do not do anything that puts you in harm’s way. After all, if we only talk about a holiday or a temporary journey away from home, it will not be long before you’re back and able to enjoy as many legal online gambling if you want.

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