10 Things to Buy Yourself After Making Your First Billion

By | April 15, 2017

Have you ever wondered – what is the first thing you would buy yourself after making your first billion? Assuming you’d already addressed important the cost of living and such, what could you enjoy that you would never even dream?

If it is something you have never imagined, the chances are that you thinking about it now!

There is a big difference between having a lot of money and can buy literally anything that you could ever wish for. These days, a million dollars won’t get you nearly as far as it seems on the surface. That means that if you want combined with the ultra-elite, you need to focus on a cool billion. Easier said than done, but still quite possible – as has been proven by numerous be of benefit to entrepreneurs to create massive fortunes before even turning 30.

Still don’t know what you’d do with the money? Take a look at the following 10 suggestions for what you would like to splash on after making your first billion:

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